Genius Decision to Switch to Mila

Proving that even in the most efficient factories, there is still room for incremental improvements, Genius PVC in Norwich has just switched to the Mila ProSecure door hinge for its range of PVC doors in Kömmerling’s 70mm profile.

Feedback from Genius’ trade customers was that they would like more adjustability on their doors during installation. In response, a small, cross-functional project team at Genius set about evaluating the options on the market and concluded that Mila’s million selling ProSecure hinge could deliver exactly what customers wanted and improve the fabrication efficiency at the same time.

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The Genius team gave Mila their long-term demand forecast and were reassured by the fact that, even while there is ongoing disruption to global supply chains, Mila could guarantee stock and next day delivery of the hinge – right across the range of 13 different finishes.

In the Genius factory, the Mila ProSecure hinge is proving faster to fit than the hinge that Genius was using previously. In fact, the demo video on Mila’s own website shows that it is easy to fit the ProSecure hinge in less than one minute – thanks to a combination of one-piece fitting straight from the box and ‘Glider’ technology which means the whole hinge slides directly onto the frame, ready for simple front face adjustment with an Allen key.

The Mila hinge has also been seamlessly integrated into Genius’ Kanban lean manufacturing flow, with a new dedicated Point of Use racking system set up which can be loaded with only the exact number of hinges required for each shift.

Lee Dickinson, Operations Director at Genius, has been impressed with both the product and the service from Mila, He commented: “The rapid fabrication of the Mila hinge has improved our production efficiency, the adjustability and the quality of the product has fulfilled our customer needs, and the supply chain has performed impeccably without a single disruption.”

The Mila ProSecure hinge came to the market back in 2016 but continues to be one of the company’s best-selling hinges. In 2021 alone, more than 1m units were sold in the UK. As well as the speed of fitting, it offers lots of other benefits for fabricators and installers including SBD accreditation, a BSEN Grade 5 rating for corrosion resistance and a 25-year mechanical operation guarantee.

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