CRL takes the heavy lifting out of glass installation

Handling, lifting and installing glass is a skill in itself, made all the easier with the latest professional equipment from CRL.

The CRL S338 Sure-Grip Vacuum Lifter (pictured above) boasts the greatest lifting capacity of any 203mm pump-activated lifter. Featuring a superior ‘press and pump’ attachment feature and built-in vacuum loss indicator, the lifter gives a secure grip even when used one-handed and has superior lifting capacity of 68kg.

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CRL Wood’s Powr-Grip® Vacuum Cup is equally as effective at making glass lifting simple and safe on site. The 203mm diameter pad has a 57 kg lifting capacity, while the release valve lever permits quick and complete release, maximising efficiency when working with glass.

Moving large glass panels around site is made simple with the CRL Glasstrax Glass Dolly (pictured right) has a clever self-clamping action that locks loads up to 50.8 mm thick. It means that one person can load and move glass, with safe and stable transportation of capacities up to 275kg.

And going where other glass dollies won’t, the CRL All Terrain Dolly has a built-In 203 mm Wood’s™ Power-Grip® Vacuum Cup and set of CRL RB200 Roller Blocks, making it easy to transport up to 181kg loads.

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