Why to Keep a Flash Drive on You

Data makes the world go. Having access to it from virtually anywhere is important these days, especially for students and professionals. While having a hard drive might be better it isn’t the most practical.

That is where flash drives come into the equation. If you are on the go and find that you need access to videos, pictures, and files on a regular basis, then you need to have one of these bad boys with you at all times.

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Super Easy to Use

There is no shortage of computer memory options out there in the tech world, but some of them are a bit tougher to use than others. Not everyone is necessarily the most tech-adept, so being able to find a storage option that works for your needs is critical. The easier to use, the better off you will be.

The good thing about flash drives is that they are extremely easy to use. All you need to do is plug it into a USB port and it should be automatically detected. Depending on the device, you can either run media (video/music) or the folder itself will open. There are no hoops to jump through and no hassles to deal with in the process.

Go with you Anywhere

The single most important benefit of owning a flash drive is its portability. It can go with you literally anywhere because it is so small. You don’t even need to have a carrying case of any kind. Just throw it in your pocket and go. Knowing that you can access your files at a moment’s notice makes for the most convenient access possible.

There is just one consideration to make. If you do carry one with you, make sure you know where it is being stored. Throwing it into your bookbag means that it can easily be lost if you aren’t really paying attention. Try keeping the drive in a separate storage compartment for ease of access.

They’re Inexpensive

Carrying an external hard drive is already a bit impractical unless you bring along a case or some kind to transport it. But the simple fact of the matter is that they can be quite expensive as well. Not everyone wants to spend $50-$100 or more on a drive, especially if it’s not getting regular use. It’s not the best return on investment.

Thankfully, flash drives are very inexpensive. Depending on the storage size, you can even get them for under $10. If you only need a few GB to get by, you can get a flash drive extremely cheaply and not have to worry about the issue. Other storage types might be stronger or more reliable but they won’t be anywhere near as cost-effective as a flash drive.


Custom flash drives are an even better option. We all have our individual preferences and not having to conform to certain predetermined factors can be nice. For instance, maybe you need a drive that not only has ample storage, but has custom logos, printing, or even specific file formats.

A custom drive can be created to meet all of those needs. You don’t have to conform and try to make any old flash drive work. Even better, that level of customization is great because you won’t have to spend a whole lot more for it. Compared to bigger, more cumbersome and expensive drives, a flash drive is far easier to invest in. Whether for work, school, or private use, it’s a good idea to have at least one flash drive in your employ if you don’t feel comfortable with the cloud.

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