The Pathway to Success for Next Generation Glaziers

The GGF’s Skilled Pathways Scheme is one of the most comprehensive training schemes in the glazing industry and is already helping the next generation of glaziers build a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise. Trainees come away with a well-rounded overview of the member companies they’re partnered with, as well as the industry at large, ensuring a secure future as a qualified and integral member of the sector.

Anda Gregory, Chief Development Officer at the GGF explains in detail what the Skilled Pathways Scheme has to offer: “Skilled Pathways was launched to provide a framework that will help provide knowledge-based training around health, safety, environmental, and technical competencies.

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“The programme starts with an introduction to the scheme for the member company and an online training course for existing employees that would like to act as mentors for the scheme. Once this preparatory stage is complete, the mentor is supplied with all the information they need to begin the mentoring process.

“In the first week of training, candidates are introduced to their assessor and to the GGF, as well as asked to complete a level 1 CSCS to ensure safe working practices. For the next few weeks, there are online courses on Behavioural Safety, Mental Health Awareness, internal auditing, and employee responsibilities to be completed, and a business description to be written to ensure the trainee has understood what they have been shown so far.

“The Skilled Pathways Scheme then provides 5 days of training at Total Support Training with technical presentations and practical lessons. This tuition also offers wider industry knowledge so that trainees come away with an appreciation for the importance of quality control to the longevity of a finished product. In this stage of the programme, trainees also complete a manual handling course, an online and practical assessment on health and safety, and a company specific project assignment.

“Once candidates have spent more time with their member company, they are required to produce a more in-depth research project and complete a lengthy online course in risk assessment. At this point in the process candidates also begin their NVQ Level 2 Qualification, because while the Skilled Pathways Scheme delivers a comprehensive training package, we recognise the need for trainees to have an industry recognised qualification.

“At the end of the programme the trainee completes an end point assessment and is interviewed by the GGF about the course and what they have learned. Then, once the assessor has signed everything off, the candidate receives a Skilled Pathway certificate and CSCS card with relevant NVQ.

“The Skilled Pathway Scheme is a fantastic training programme that ensures candidates leave with complete confidence to develop their new careers. And participating member companies can enjoy peace of mind from future proofing their business with the next generation of glaziers.”