GGF’s Finger on the Pulse Keeps Members Compliant

Photo credit: Dave Warren/Picture Team

Following much speculation on the Approved Document F legislation regarding trickle vents, the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) is pleased to announce that bookings are now open for a new service that will help installers prove compliance once and for all.

“The introduction of pulse testing allows fitters to show the airtightness of a building pre and post installation,” expands Dave Mechem, Director of Inspection & Assessment. “If the reading doesn’t change, which we have found is often the case when like for like PVC-U windows are installed, there is no need for additional ventilation. That’s not to say the new windows aren’t better than the old, just that they offer a similar level of airtightness.

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The tests themselves take less than half an hour to complete and the installer and homeowner can be provided with the results immediately upon completion. The testing will initially be rolled out across the South and South East of England from the 21st November 2022 with the intention to expand the service to all members from the 1st January 2023.

“Many installers have managed to meet the new regulations by offering the necessary additional ventilation, but there are still circumstances whereby the requirement for extra vents are losing sales. Perhaps because of a previous bad experience on the part of the homeowner, or perhaps other installers have already convinced the consumer more ventilation is not a good thing. For these situations, pulse testing is a good alternative way to prove compliance.

“We have meticulously researched the available technology for this type of testing and found a solution that is quick, simple, safe, repeatable, and usable in an occupied home. Fully accredited testing with this equipment is now available to installers in the South and South East of the country but will be rolled out further afield early in the new year. Bookings can be made at and GGF and FENSA members can enjoy discounted rates for the service.”

Dave concludes: “It’s not always easy to decipher complex legislation, let alone prove compliance, which is why we want to support our members to do just that. We’re not suggesting installers don’t offer extra ventilation, but we do believe it’s important to have an alternative so that reluctant homeowners don’t miss out on new windows, and installers don’t miss out on valuable sales.”     

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