Because it is so much more…

Initially introduced to the market as a replacement to the traditional glazed conservatory roof, a new item to the portfolio, the solid roof proposition has evolved, and so is the message to the homeowner.

The solid roof proposition is really simple:

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  • Retrofit to an existing conservatory to replace a glazed roof
  • Installed on a new build single storey extension

But you are not selling just a roof, or even a ‘stay warm in winter, stay cool in summer’ proposition, no… You are selling so much more.

Because homeowners aren’t really interested in just the solid, tiled, lightweight roof; what they want is a room that fulfils their needs, and with some flourish if at all possible:

The lifestyle, the look, the house extension, a place to entertain, to show off, to share. A place that feels like it is a part of their home, with plastered ceilings, a lantern, velux windows, large glass panels all adding to the looks and feel of the room

That is what you are selling, as well as comfort all year round, durability, peace of mind (JHAI certification)…

To help support their customers sell more than just a roof, Icotherm is pleased to announce that they are publishing a brand new lifestyle brochure, packed with imagery and the type of information that we believe the homeowner is after.