The simple and effective Ascena Sliding Flyscreen offers call-back and add-on sales opportunities for all bi-folding and sliding door installations.

After the record-breaking summer enjoyed by Britons everywhere during 2018, sales of French, sliding and bi-folding doors are expected to hit new levels during the 2019 spring. But last summer also reminded those of us with garden doors what a nuisance flies and wasps and even the neighbour’s cat can be when we are trying to enjoy a glass or two as the sun goes down.

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Just as sliding and bi folding door designs have been revolutionised in recent years then so too have flyscreen designs and performance with the introduction of the Ascena Pleated Insect Screen, to promise an effective solution to flies and wasps invading homes.

Offered to fabricators and installers as an add-on to almost any style and brand of French, sliding and bi-folding door, the Ascena Insect Screen is highly effective at allowing fresh air in and keeping every type of flying insect and other pests out, whilst also offering an extra layer of protection and shade against the rays of the sun. Smoothly and effortlessly sliding open and closed in seconds the Ascena Insect Screen is manufactured from high-grade aluminium and may easily be retrofitted against most types and brands of French, sliding or bi-folding door1.

Aluminium extrusions, available in two standard colours – Anthracite Grey (7016), Pearl White – support high quality polypropylene mesh screens that are tough and cannot be torn or damaged in normal use. High strength, braided tensioning cords run horizontally to stabilize the screen and control vertical orientation of the handle bar. These tensioning cords run over precision bearings to ensure the high quality, polypropylene mesh slides smoothly with a low operating force.

The tensioning cords also prevent the mesh from blowing out in windy conditions. The Ascena Insect Screen withstands wind gusts up to 20mph before the mesh leaves the channel. This safety feature helps prevent tearing and if the screen does leave the channel it can be easily reset.


Ascena can easily be installed in openings up to 4000mmx2700mm as a single screen or may be combined as meeting screens to cover openings as wide as 8000mm 2700mm.

With more than 10,000 installed throughout the Unites States, the patented Ascena Insect Screen has undergone rigorous testing and exceeded 150,000 cycles but for peace of mind, the company offers a 5 year warranty.2 A website and colour leaflet provide potential customers with further information (www.ascenascreens.co.uk).

1There may be exceptions; please check with a sales consultant before ordering

2The warranty does not extend to damage, accidental or otherwise, caused to the mesh or track system by pets, children or the occasional adult.