Kubu Announces Another Milestone with Granted Patent for Clip-In Window Sensor Technology

In a significant move that underscores its commitment to innovation and industry leadership, Kubu is thrilled to announce the granting of another patent – this time for its pioneering Smart window sensors. The patent specifically covers the innovative fitment methods – developed by Kubu – that allow Window sensors to be clipped onto a mounting bracket within the air gap of a window frame, providing an easy to use and concealed fitment.

This new patent joins Kubu’s growing portfolio of intellectual property, including the previously patented mechanism that allows a sensor to be integrated within a multi-point door lock, through the use of micro-switches on the gearbox and a custom sensor housing, accessed through a slot in the faceplate of the lock.

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“Kubu’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of smart security technology is evident in our continuous pursuit of patents that protect and validate our innovations,” said Ryan Bromley, Co-founder of Kubu. “This latest patent not only reinforces our position at the forefront of the fenestration industry but also sends a clear message about the authenticity and originality of our products.”

The announcement comes at a time when the market is seeing an increase in fenestration products that are designed to work with Smart technology, such as Kubu’s patented security sensors. For Fenestration Industry Trade Professionals, the distinction between genuine innovation and mere imitation has never been more critical. 

Marc Henson, Head of Marketing at Kubu, added, “Our team has worked tirelessly to develop technologies that truly make a difference. This patent is a testament to our dedication and another fantastic addition to our already extensive intellectual property portfolio.”

Kubu’s message to industry professionals is clear: When it comes to smart security, it’s essential to choose a brand that not only leads in innovation but also stands by the authenticity of its products.

With Kubu, professionals can be confident they’re opting for genuine, fully-accredited, patented technology from a vertically integrated business that delivers on its promises.

For more details on Kubu’s patented technologies and the value they bring to the fenestration industry, visit getkubu.com, email trade@getkubu.com or call 0330 555 9545.

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