Disputes concerning the specification or installation domestic windows and doors are disruptive and costly and increasingly so the longer they continue, for all parties. In recognition of the growing need for services that are able to resolve such disputes quickly and decisively RISA, the Glass & Glazing Federation’s independent inspection and auditing division, has launched its Expert Witness service to provide representation in the event of such disputes.  As part of the GGF, the UK’s foremost representative body for the glass and glazing industry, RISA is one of the sector’s most authoritative and respected expert organisations.

RISA’s RICS accredited experts focus on residential window and door installations and can act as a single joint expert or as a party appointed expert and produce high quality reports in line with the Civil Procedure Rules for expert witnesses. The organisation’s main areas of expertise include:

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  • Domestic window and door installations
  • Building Regulation compliance inspections
  • Specification disputes
  • Operating to British Standard 8213-4
  • Civil Procedure Rules compliant

RISA is a UKAS-accredited Type A Inspection Body and the sole provider of inspection services for FENSA, the replacement window and door industry’s largest and longest established Building Regulations compliance schemes. Services may be provided for either party directly involved in a dispute, act on behalf of legal teams, or organisations including local authorities and private and public sector landlords for example, in larger disputes.

RISA will provide initial inspection and reporting that may in itself prevent escalation of a dispute, or should the issue remain unresolved, RISA may provide expert witness services, acting as a single joint expert or as a party appointed expert and produce a high quality report in line with the Civil Procedure Rules for expert witnesses.

Dave Mechem, RISA Director of Operations and highly regarded for his expertise, says it was a natural progression to formalise the service following unprecedented demand for such support: “RISA has unparalleled inspection expertise in the glazing industry and it therefore makes perfect sense that we provide Expert Witness services for trade federations, local authorities, solicitors and homeowners alike.”

RISA Assessor Manager Lee Galley has already been involved in the resolution of many such disputes: “Our expertise and impartiality are readily accepted when we have been asked to adjudicate and disputes are then quickly resolved, sometimes ending disagreements that have gone on for some time. Where once we would have been asked to intervene informally, the creation of the RISA Expert Witness Service means that potential users may gain expertise earlier in the process.”

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