GGF Appoints New Health, Safety and Environmental Manager

In the continually turbulent socio-economic situation we find ourselves in, staff wellbeing and sustainability must be a top priority. That is why the Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF) is delighted to welcome a new Health, Safety and Environmental Manager, Lauren Mawford, to the team.

Lauren brings with her a wealth of experience in the field so is well placed to provide expert advice to GGF members, as John Agnew, GGF Managing Director, explains: “The GGF aims to be the industry authority on best practice in all areas of business, including the highest technical and health and safety standards, but to achieve this goal, we need in-house expertise. Lauren is a fantastic addition to our team for precisely this reason. Lauren joins us with 6 years of experience in helping companies achieve better health and safety practices, improved staff wellbeing, and positive environmental strategies, so will be a valuable resource for all our members.”

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“I’m thrilled to be part of the GGF team, providing advice to members about health, safety, and environmental issues,” adds Lauren. “My experience not only lies in ensuring compliance but going above and beyond to identify trends within businesses to help prevent problems and achieve best practice. I can help design and deliver staff training and provide HR support as well as more traditional health and safety duties such as the production of fire risk reports and companywide risk assessments. I am passionate about helping companies provide the best possible workspace for their employees, so to be able to offer this support to all the GGF’s members, is a fantastic opportunity.”