FIT showed ‘our industry at its best’

Quickslide’s Chairman Adrian Barraclough hailed this year’s FIT Show as one for the people, and said the industry coming together face-to-face again was the highlight of the event.

“One of the things I love most about our industry is the charisma, character and camaraderie of the people,” said Adrian, “and this year the FIT Show reminded us all just how important and impressive that is.

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“Quickslide took a last-minute large space at the show so, as well as showing off our flagship Legacy Vertical Slider, we were lucky to benefit from a generous casual seating area, encouraging many new and familiar faces to come and sit down for a chat with the Quickslide team.

“It was great just to be together again and talk. Plus, we have various new and exciting products and solutions launching, so seeing visitors on-stand was a great opportunity to discuss how these can help Quickslide and its trade partners grow together going forward.”

For Adrian, everything about the FIT Show was right this year; the exhibitors, the audience, the location, not to mention the timing, as it came at the end of a recent whistlestop tour of several Quickslide customers, which he documented in video posts on social media.

“It has been so uplifting getting back out to see customers again. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and the FIT Show was the icing on the cake,” he said. “There was so much energy and positivity on display, along with plenty of innovation.”

This year’s show, Adrian concluded, was: “the perfect opportunity for the fenestration industry to put the past two years behind us and get back to what we’ve been missing: the way we bounce off each other for the benefit of us all.

“It really did show the best of our industry.”

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