Andas Homes breathes new life into heritage homes with Quickslide and Kolorseal

Andas means ‘breathe’ in Swedish. Both Quickslide and Kolorseal were delighted to be chosen to help Andas Homes live up to its name by breathing new life into a heritage renovation for a luxury homes development in Yorkshire.

Quickslide’s sliding sash windows were chosen to complete the restoration of the 19th-century Harewood Estate farmhouse in Chapel Wold. Situated in the hamlet of Kearby, the site is steeped in history, with one of the stone barns dating back to the 1800s. So careful consideration was given to ensure the property’s traditional Yorkshire stone walls and slate roof would be complemented with perfectly proportioned authentic yet highly efficient sash windows to reflect both the heritage and luxury of the new development.

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The process of transforming the period farmhouse into a luxury home uncovered charming heritage features including fireplaces, oak beams and a stone floor basement which were all carefully renovated and restored. A new garden room extension made a modern yet sympathetic addition. This, along with a spacious outside seating area and landscaped garden, emphasises the biophilic focus of Andas Homes, where every design aspect contributes to a focus on improving health and well-being and building a connection with the surrounding nature.

Andas Homes has been working with Quickslide for a number of years for premium, heritage projects such as this.

“Chapel Wold is a luxury, sensitive renovation, which draws out the character of the existing buildings and breathes new life into their timeless traits,” said designer Holly Simpson.

 “We love the quality and performance of Quickslide’s sliding sash windows, in particular the run through sash horns which make the frame so authentic.”

Andas Homes opted for a bespoke colour frame. Quickslide chose colour-coating specialist’s Kolorseal, their regular supplier for colour coating. Kolorseal could easily match to their exact preferred shade of Light Grey. The colour option provided the perfect complement to the pinky tones of the Yorkshire stone walls.

“Together with Kolorseal we can give home builders high quality, stunningly beautiful products in the exact shades their customers are looking for” said Quickslide’s Managing Director Ben Weber.

“This luxury development at Chapel Wold is just the latest example of how doors and windows are transforming home design. Glazing elements are now so much more than just building products. They add value and personality to the very fabric of home building and are an integral and crucial consideration in the internal and external design of a home.”

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