Why small builders make a fantastic alternative route to market

The latest State of the Industry report, produced by leading data specialists Insight Data, found that the number of installers has decreased by 7.6% in the last four years. As the market gets tougher, Alex Tremlett, Operations Manager at Insight Data, highlights how trade suppliers should be exploring an alternative route to market.

Over the past two years, the industry experienced unprecedented times. Incredibly high demand was closely followed by a supply chain crisis but as the market stabilises and in fact looks set to reduce, how can companies maintain momentum?

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Although installers are the most obvious and more traditional route to market for trade fabricators, with continued uncertainty across the window industry, it is more important now than ever that companies consider new avenues to guarantee a steady stream of business – and small builders could be the perfect solution.

In the same way that window companies have diversified in recent years, by becoming much more than window specialists, small builders have also evolved to keep up with the rapidly changing demands of consumers. As a result, many small builders now buy and fit windows and doors themselves, making them the ideal prospects for suppliers to target.

There are many benefits to selling to a small builder, and here’s why.

Trust in small builders

Although the existing perception around consumer habits is that people are more likely to trust bigger companies and brands when they want to invest in home improvements – it’s not often the case.

In fact, it’s actually more common for a homeowner to hire a small builder who comes highly recommended by a friend or relative. Before they’ve even met, they have an element of trust in their work and will undoubtedly use them time and time again.

As well as being incredibly popular among consumers, small builders also often have minor overheads and next to no advertising costs so they can remain competitive in the market.

Additionally, unlike traditional installers who buy in windows and doors on a regular basis, small builders tend to order on a more sporadic basis. Therefore, trade suppliers don’t need to offer small builders a trade discount like they would with their regular installer customers, meaning they’ll make better profit margins.

Exclusive access to small builders

Despite being a great alternative route to market, small builders operate under the radar and are notoriously difficult to track down.

To help trade suppliers who may be on the hunt for a list of small builders but don’t know where to start, the expert team of Insight Data researchers has worked tremendously hard to pull together a specialist database of small builders from across the UK.

The list contains over 21,000 general builders and contractors and is the most comprehensive and detailed marketing data of its kind.

Accessed online through the specialist Insight Data CRM platform, Salestracker, the Local Builders database can be split by category, region or postcode so suppliers can create bespoke contact lists, email marketing campaigns, and direct mail campaigns or call lists for in-house sales teams.

Providing the contact details of small builders is just one of the benefits of this database. In fact, the data also contains all the valuable business and financial information a supplier will need to check if a company is a worthwhile prospect, helping companies to make informed business decisions.

Ultimately, the database gives suppliers unprecedented market intelligence and the Salestracker platform simplifies the way in which they can track prospects, manage leads and drive sales activity.

Insight expertise

Insight Data’s Local Builders database has been painstakingly developed over the last 10 years by the in-house research team and is continually refreshed on a regular basis.

Insight Data also has a host of additional databases containing over 60,000 contacts from the UK construction, fenestration and glazing industries.

Salestracker has over 700 users, including major systems companies, fabricators, and component suppliers, all of which can use the data to create highly targeted marketing campaigns to prospective customers, helping to build a more successful, profitable, and valuable business.

For more information on Insight Data and its impressive marketing data and CRM software visit: https://www.insightdata.co.uk/

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