Why Glide hardware has ‘wheel’ appeal

Helping PVCu sliding door fabricators meet demand for wider openings without compromising on the ease of operation or the lifespan of the final door assembly.

These days, architects and homeowners want the big sliding patio doors to bring a feeling of light and space into their properties. What they don’t want, however, are patio doors that give users a workout every time they try to open them! The trouble is, the bigger the patio doors, the heavier they are. That weight not only increases the force needed to push the doors along the track, it also puts extra strain on the sliding hardware that supports the moving panels, resulting in more wear and tear on components and potentially a shorter product lifespan.

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The challenge then for fabricators, is how to deliver inline sliding doors on the grand scale customers want without creating an unwieldy end product that could be prone to failure.

Advanced premium sliding solutions like Glide hardware can help door manufacturers balance the form and the function of their super-sized patio doors, ensuring they work effortlessly, dependably and safely despite their generous proportions. In fact, Glide hardware is so smooth and accessible, most people with or without reduced mobility are able to successfully operate the patio doors, thereby helping to meet the design criteria of the Lifetime Homes standard for new build installations.

The Glide Hardware range has been fully tested and approved by KÖMMERLING to work with their market leading PremiLine system.

The highlight of the range is the advanced 3- and 5-wheel rollers which rely on their unique self-levelling mechanism to evenly distribute the weight of even large, heavy sliding doors for smoother running, improved tolerances and ultimately longer-term, consistent performance. Innovative design, precision high-quality bearings and superior construction from engineered polymer all add up to quieter running, increased durability and 60% greater load capacity of up to 220kg for the 5-wheel roller (based on 2 sets per door panel).

Meanwhile, a clever pop-out handle works with a locking mechanism to properly secure the door panels together without the use of the usual clunky, hard-to-reach plunge bolt. This not only helps fabricators achieve PAS 24 and Document Q compliance more easily on their door assemblies, but it also increases the door’s usability and accessibility – an important requirement for meeting the Lifetime Homes standard. A soft break device and bump stop elevate door assemblies further with a premium-feel and safer, slam-free operation.

Glide Hardware is available to order exclusively from Window Ware now. Fabricators can call sales on 01234 242724 or email sales@windowware.co.uk to find out more about the range, ask for a quote or request a brochure.

Window Ware is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of window and door hardware, factory tools, fixings and consumables. They are also KÖMMERLING’s approved hardware partner for PremiLine Pro. They’ve been delighting fabricators for over 30 years with award-winning service, dependable deliveries and proven technical support. Adjusting to a ‘new normal’ and COVID-secure working practices, Window Ware continues to strive to provide a safe, reliable source of the very best hardware solutions.

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