Vertical sliders are some of the most profitable windows on the market

Geoff Bishop, Marketing Manager at Victorian Sliders, explains why sash windows are the perfect product for making the most of the thriving home improvement market.

As we all know very well by now, we’re in the middle of a home improvement boom.

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Thousands of people around Britain are investing in windows, doors, conservatories, extensions and other products like never before – giving manufacturers and installers one of the busiest years in living memory.

But are installers benefitting from that boom as much as they could?

I’m sure many of you will be familiar with an old business saying: “turnover is vanity, profit is sanity”.

It’s very possible to sell and install huge numbers of windows, and actually not make much money from it.

That’s because many of the bread-and-butter glass and glazing products only offer relatively small profits. Let’s take the most common fenestration product as an example – the white PVCu casement.

They’re very cost effective for installers to buy – but the amount of profit they can make from them is less impressive than some alternatives.

Forty years on from when they first started to appear, no-one gets very excited about PVCu casements, and so the amount of money people are willing to pay for them is fairly low.

Expensive isn’t always better

That might lead you to conclude that what you really need to be selling is the more sophisticated, high-end products that command higher prices from end-users.

Bifolds and patio doors have become hugely popular in recent years, for example. But when you add in the still very substantial cost that installers pay for them the profits they offer quickly start to shrink.

So what exactly should you be looking to sell if you want to make the most of surging demand for home improvements?

The ideal products for times like these are ones that are competitively priced for you, but that homeowners still value highly – products like ECOSlide PVCu sash windows.

Victorian Sliders maximise productivity by managing virtually every process that goes into making the finished product in-house – from extruding profile and making IGUs to colouring and recycling – we’re able to minimise our costs, and offer excellent quality windows at extremely competitive prices.

ECOSlide ticks all the boxes for homeowners; available in a vast array of foils and any RAL colour, as well as offering run-through sash horns, and in any size up to 1300mm by 2400mm.

Windows come with ‘A’ Window Energy Ratings as standard (A+ ratings optional) for outstanding thermal efficiency, and toughened glass in both sashes again as standard.

For a product that homeowners will love, and offers excellent margins within a very buoyant market, speak to Victorian Sliders about ECOSlide today. Available from £199 + VAT to the trade.

For more information visit or call 01269 846200.