VEKA launches package of support to help customers navigate the changes in Building Regulations

VEKA plc has launched a package of support to help its customers navigate the upcoming changes to Building Regulations, which includes access to digital workshops as well as its free online calculations tool WinDoPlan. 

The long-awaited update, which will come into effect from June 15th, focuses on the existing energy efficiency standards for homes, and marks a steppingstone towards the introduction of the Future Homes Standard in 2025. 

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The revised regulations comprise five new documents, with Part L (heating and energy) and Part F (ventilation) having the biggest impact on the fenestration industry, particularly in relation to new homes.  

To support VEKA plc customers and provide clarity around any issues they may be experiencing around this tricky topic, VEKA Technical Director Paul Kennington created a ‘quick guide’, summarising what fabricators needed to know ahead of the changes.

This was then followed up with virtual sessions, explaining in more detail the changes relevant to each customer and giving them chance to ask any questions.

VEKA fabricators and Independent Network Installers also have free access to the business’ exclusive specification software ‘WinDoPlan’ which will assist them in a number of ways.

As the new regulations demand windows and doors meet lower U Values, it will help to have product specific calculations rather than a guideline example. WinDoPlan will accurately calculate the value of the exact size and configuration of a window or door and the user can tweak the specification in the software to achieve a result that meets the new performance requirements.

Under the new regulations, fabricators will also no longer be able to use BS EN 14351 either, the Harmonised European Norm that drives the CE / UKCA marking for windows as an accepted proof of the U-Value in England. WinDoPlan can be used to download acceptable proof of U-Value calculations for VEKA, Halo and Imagine products. 

WinDoPlan also quickly calculates the glass area to meet ventilation and overheating requirements, rather than the user having to do this manually.

In relation to part A of the regulations, windows must be capable of withstanding direct wind load against the face and meet the maximum allowable deflection. WinDoPlan is set to calculate against a wind load of 1200Pa, suitable for most two storey domestic properties, and is also able to calculate the exact wind load for a specific location.

VEKA Technical Director Paul Kennington said, “As a trustworthy supplier, we won’t just tell you that our products are compliant, we will show you how we achieved it.” He continued, “When navigating these changes, we knew exactly what we needed to do. Our very clear specifications – which are written down for you to see – result in products that meet all our kitemarks, pass all our testing, and are fully re-enforced in dark colours. These aren’t bold claims, these are facts.”  

VEKA is encouraging visitors to the FIT Show to visit its stand, K21, for a chat about the regulations and a demo of WinDoPlan. 

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