Industry-leading PVC-U systems supplier VEKA Group hosted a buffet lunch and presented certificates to employees celebrating 5, 10, 15, 25 and 30 years of service with the company.

Having been named ‘Employer of the Year’ at both the Burnley Business Awards and the Red Rose Awards, it’s clear that VEKA Group understands the importance of retaining staff and creating a rewarding work environment.

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MD Dave Jones said: “The ‘loyalty lunch’ is something we celebrate each year to thank our longest-serving members of staff. Here at VEKA Group, we know that our people are our most valuable asset and it’s important to us that every member of the team knows how appreciated they are.

“Certificates were presented to 43 staff, who have clocked up a combined 455 years at VEKA Group’s Burnley HQ!

“For such a large company, we’re proud to have a very low employee turnover. VEKA Group’s ethos is reflected in the values of VEKA ‘Spirit’ (Success, Pride, Integrity, Responsible, Improvement and Team) which staff have taken to heart over the last two years. Spirit has become the basis for all employer/employee interaction from recruitment to retirement, and everything in between.

“We conduct regular employee engagement surveys as we know that this feedback is key to making VEKA not just the business of choice for our customers, but for our employees too. And a happy workforce is a hard-working one, so it’s ‘win win’ for the company, its staff and its customers – with a level of service provision that’s hard to beat.

We’re delighted to celebrate and reward an incredible 455 years of service, and look forward to seeing how many more staff will be joining the lunch this time next year.”