VAST just got VASTER

Leading industry PR and marketing agency, VAST PR, has appointed Kate Ashley-Norman as a director of the business to drive forward growth and expand the support and services the company can offer its client base.

Despite being early rivals when Kate ran her previous agency The Bath Plug & Tap Publicity Company, VAST founder Paul Godwin and Kate both approach PR and marketing from the same point of view – that a deep seated knowledge of a company, its personalities, its driving forces and its values, over and above gimmicks, are core to the long term success of any campaign.

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“Our long association demonstrates that longevity and loyalty play an essential role in all our commercial endeavours, and that feeds through to the work that VAST PR has always carried out with its clients,” commented Kate Ashley-Norman. “With additional resources we are now looking to extend that to a wider audience, combining extensive industry experience and strategic marketing expertise to position our clients in positions of authority”.

Paul Godwin added: “I have known Kate for many years and invited her to join Beth, me, and the rest of the VAST PR team due to my belief in her personality and integrity and for the depth of her market knowledge and skill set. All of these qualities will allow us to take VAST PR – and therefore our clients – to the next level.”

Previously Kate ran the Bath Plug & Tap Publicity Company, and has also worked extensively in sales and marketing for an overseas property company. More recently she recently worked as head of PR for a digital marketing agency.

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