Ultraroof – The Results Are In

Ultraframe has recently surveyed users of its award-winning Ultraroof tiled roof to find out the top five reasons why they choose it over other systems. In prime position on the top five list was the fact that Ultraroof is extremely lightweight and easy to handle on site.

  • 1. Ultraroof is lightweight and easy to handle on site.
  • 2. Ultraroof is fast to fit.
  • 3. With Ultraroof I don’t need costly and problematic goalposts on large openings.
  • 4. Homeowners prefer the overall look of the Ultraroof slate tiles and aluminium top-caps.
  • 5. Ultraroof is so lightweight we can fit onto existing frames with confidence.

Commenting on the survey results, Ultraframe Marketing Director, Alex Hewitt, said: “The feedback we have received about Ultraroof has been fantastic and it has also been extremely interesting to see which of Ultraroof’s numerous features and benefits are regarded most highly by those who use it. At the top of the list is the fact that Ultraroof is lightweight and so easy to handle on site. In fact, it’s actually the lightest tiled roof on the market at just 38kg/m². We supply the lightweight Ultrapanels already cut to size and so there is no heavy lifting or carrying, plus they also feature unique carrying bands to assist fitters with handling them.”

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The lightweight nature of the roof and the way it is supplied pre-cut into panels that are easy to manoeuvre is especially important when working at height. The lightweight of Ultraroof has made it the fitter’s favourite because it makes their life easier – and safer.

Continuing, Alex said: “Not surprisingly, the speed at which Ultraroof can be fitted was number two in our list. Ultraroof is faster to fit than any other solid roof on the market and many shapes and styles of Ultraroof can be fitted in just one day! Coming in at number three is the fact that Ultraroof doesn’t need additional steel goalposts on openings for doors up to 4m. This can typically save an installation company around £3k so it’s no surprise this is highly valued.”

Number four on the list confirmed the findings of independent consumer research from 2019 – that Ultraroof is the homeowner’s favourite thanks to its stunning good looks, and finally at number five, is the fact that fitters can retain existing frames with confidence due to Ultraroof being so light.

Concluding, Alex said: “It was fascinating to get this insight from our customers about the reasons why they love using Ultraroof so much and we’d like to thank everyone that took part.”