Ultraroof Approves

In addition to offering stunning good looks and class-leading performance, the Ultraroof solid roof system from Ultraframe also offers complete peace of mind thanks to the reassurance of LABC and LABSS certification, along with components that are BBA approved.

Approvals by these bodies means that a project featuring an Ultraroof is much easier for the builder or installer, as much of the red tape is already taken care of, and they can also reassure the homeowner that the roof system being used is independently accredited to perform past minimum regulatory requirements.

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Commenting about Ultraroof, and the various accreditation it holds, Ultraframe Marketing Director, Alex Hewitt, said: “We know that many installers and builder are aware of the technical features of Ultraroof, but not all are aware of the accreditation it holds that can make their life so much easier.

“The BBA Agrément Certificate is a mark of excellence based on rigorous national and European standards that validate a construction product’s quality, technical capabilities and uniqueness. This is a mark that is known to many homeowners – especially those interested in home improvements – and so is a great selling point for installers and builders when explaining the merits of Ultraroof to a homeowner. Ultraframe has worked closely with the BBA for over 25 years since our Glass Roof first gained the accreditation. More recently we have worked with the BBA to approve our Ultrapanel technology which we also use on house roofs and I am delighted that Ultraroof is now the only solid roof on the market to feature BBA approved Ultrapanel technology.

“We are also proud to hold both LABC and LABSS approval for England/Wales and Scotland respectively. These approvals allow building control departments right across England, Wales & Scotland to quickly and easily access the technical information they need about Ultraroof when considering a Building Regulation (or Scottish equivalent) application. This makes things much simpler for our customers and allows the application to be fast tracked thanks to the completion certificate which is only issued following satisfactory inspections made as part of a valid Building Regulation application by Local Authority Building Control teams.”

Ultraframe has recently been educating installers about the benefits of Ultraroof that help them to ‘stand out’ against their competition, and the various approvals and accreditations held by the system are a critical part of the stand out support offering. Ultraroof users also benefit from free on-site training for all first builds from the dedicated Ultraroof support team. From a cost point of view, the system offers stand out value and can span up to 4M wide over bi-folds without the need for costly goalposts, which negatively impact on the price of a project and the chance of an installer winning the job. Finally, Ultraroof also looks beautiful, both inside and out, and offers stand out internals thanks to never needing a tie bar.

To find out more about the award-winning Ultraroof system, visit Standoutwithultraroof.com