Ultraroof and Livinroof are once again ahead of the Building Regs.

The Ultraroof and Livinroof solid roof systems from Ultraframe have had their already impressive U-Values further enhanced ahead of changes to Building Regulation requirements in Wales and Scotland. Building Regulations are changing from 23rd November 2022 in Wales and 1st December 2022 in Scotland.

The changes mean that the U-Value requirement of solid roofs used for home improvements on existing dwellings in Wales will be improved to 0.13, and in Scotland the new requirement will be 0.12.

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On the Ultraroof tiled roof system an additional layer of 60mm PIR insulation board will be specified under the current EPS panel in order to meet the new 0.12 U-Value requirement. All associated battens and fixings will be supplied, and all components cut to size. On the Livinroof hybrid roof system an additional layer of 25mm phenolic insulation board will be specified under the current phenolic insulation to achieve 0.12 U-Value. Again, all associated battens and fixings will be supplied, and all components cut to size. This means that the roofs are already Building Regulation compliant when they leave the factory, with no additional prep work needed on site by the fitter.

Commenting about the enhancements to the two popular solid roof systems, Ultraframe Marketing Director, Alex Hewitt, said: “Our Ultraroof and Livinroof solid roofs were already the most energy efficient on the market but we are thrilled to announce that this performance has been further enhanced ahead of impending Building Regulations changes in Wales and Scotland. While the changes are only required in Wales and Scotland, the new 0.12 U-Value on both systems will of course also benefit our customers in England as they will also be able to choose these newly enhanced roofs with even lower U-Values if they wish. Another benefit to lowering the U-Values is that following on from the Building Regulation changes in June (which had the potential to impact on the amount of glazing allowed in an extension), builders and installers will now be able to include larger expanses of glazing to create the light-filled living spaces that consumers demand.”

Customers in Wales and Scotland will be able to specify the 0.12 U-Value thermal enhancements in the company’s U-Design software from December, while customers in England will choose whether they want the current roof specification with a U-Value of 0.15, or the newly enhanced 0.12 spec.

To find out more about Ultraroof and Livinroof visit Ultraframetrade.co.uk or call 01200 443311.

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