Ultraframe Launches New Structural Support Tools

Ultraframe has announced the launch of a new range of structural support tools, designed to help customers when choosing eaves beam reinforcements, or specifying the new Goalpost to achieve large open spans. The launch means that specifying the correct Ultraframe structural support is simple, thanks to the suite of easy-to-use tools.

Commenting about the company’s latest support launch, Ultraframe marketing Director, Alex Hewitt, said: “Having recently expanded our structural support offering with the launch of our new Goalpost, we thought this was the perfect opportunity to create a series of easy-to-use tools to help our customers choose the best structural support system for their projects. We have a range of tools available, including a guide to choosing the correct structural support for each specific project, a video about lateral stability, an eaves beam calculator, and more. We know that the subject of structural stability can be a tricky one and so we have made the tools as simple to use as possible to ensure that our customers can navigate the topic with confidence.”

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The new tools available to assist Ultraframe customers with choosing the correct structural support are:

Structural Support Guide – An easy-to-understand guide to Ultraframe’s structural support solutions, designed to help installers to understand which beam reinforcements or goalpost is best for each extension or conservatory design.

Lateral Stability Explainer Video – A simple animation to clearly explain lateral stability and why it is important when specifying a goalpost.


Eaves Beam Calculator – Enters the dimensions of a conservatory and use this clever tool to experiment with different beams until the correct beam is identified to support the doors in a design.

Eaves Beam Calculator Demonstration Video – A short demonstration video to show how the Eaves Beam Calculator works.

Lateral Stability Flow Chart – An easy-to-use flow chart to help installers determine the lateral stability requirements of a rectangular roof.

To find out more about Ultraframe’s wide range of structural support solutions and support tools, visit www.ultraframetrade.co.uk or call 01200 443311.