Tuff-X invests in third Super Spacer® line as part of £2m expansion

Respected Lancashire IGU manufacturer Tuff-X Processed Glass has invested in a third Super Spacer application line as part of a wider capital investment worth £2m.

The Prescot-based firm, a loyal Edgetech customer for 15 years, makes extensive use of the company’s celebrated Super Spacer product for conservatory roof glass.

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“Unlike IGU manufacturers that focus mainly on windows and doors, at Tuff-X we’re experts in making the unconventionally shaped units that go into conservatory roofs,” explains Commercial Director Paul Higgins.

“That includes a lot of triangular units for conservatory gables – and many spacer products can’t accommodate the acute angles we require.

“That’s one of the key reasons we’ve been using Super Spacer for the last 15 years – its flexible construction means it’s more than capable of handling the unorthodox glass shapes that we produce on a daily basis.

“However, that’s not the only reason we use Super Spacer. It also offers excellent thermal performance, the aesthetics are really good, and we receive great service from Edgetech.”

Faced with soaring demand, and finding it harder to maintain the excellent service and quick lead times Tuff-X prides itself on, investing in a third Super Spacer line was the obvious next step.

“The period since the pandemic has obviously been extremely hectic, but we’ve been flat out for the best part of ten years,” Paul continues.

“That’s why we’ve decided to implement an 18-month expansion plan, that’s not only seen us invest in the third line, but also commit to a 30,000 square foot factory extension, and purchase new cutting equipment and other machinery.

“It’s a £2m investment overall, and represents our commitment to continuing to offer our customers the very best products, backed by the very best service.”

In addition to conservatory roofs, Tuff-X has also launched a cutting-edge new rooflight – Infinity Ecolite, the most energy efficient product of its kind on the market.

“Tinted glass defeats the object of fitting a rooflight in the first place,” Paul explains. “With Ecolite, we’ve come up with a solution – a product that looks virtually no different to a standard, non-tinted glass unit, but that reflects twice the amount of heat, and conforms to the latest changes to Document O of Building Regulations.”

Tony Palmer, Edgetech’s Head of Sales, comments: “We’re absolutely delighted to see Tuff-X continuing to thrive and grow using Super Spacer.

“With their 25-year legacy of excellence, and now significantly expanded manufacturing capacity, we’re excited to support them as they go from strength to strength in the years ahead.”

For more information, please call 02476 639931 or visit www.edgetechig.co.uk

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