Transform the way you do business with PST

In today’s fiercely competitive market, it’s more important than ever that we invest in solutions to help drive sales and lead generation.

It’s one reason why big name fabricators and installers across the country have flocked to Production Software Technology, better known as PST, for their groundbreaking CAD software solutions that have been transforming both manufacturing and sales processes.

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The bespoke 3D modelling system allows users to customise a wide selection of home improvement products, including size, material and glazing options, demonstrate designs to the end user, and use the detailed data to accurately manufacture these products.

PST provides two main software solutions – Virtual Shopfloor and vsHome – which benefit all levels of the fenestration industry, from systems houses to fabricators and installers.

With Virtual Shopfloor, fabricators can either choose from a library of 3D model templates or create custom designs from scratch using the free form tool. All designs are bespoke to the products they manufacture, and can be built on using easy to use drag and drop tools.

Manufacturing and installation reports can then be generated with the option to send instructions directly to CNC machinery, eliminating the need to use various software programmes at once.  

vsHome, meanwhile, has been designed specifically for installers as an advanced point of sale tool, allowing them to design and bring customers’ ideas to life using the 3D editor.

The software can also be tailored to individual installers and the products they offer, can incorporate their own logo and branding, as well as their own pricing model, and comes with full support and training from in-house PST experts.

The innovative companion app, vsHome AR, then allows installers to share their designs with the end user to view in augmented reality. With multiple viewing modes, the homeowner can either scale the model to a life size representation on the side of their home, or place it on a tabletop. Once the model has been placed, the user can lock it down and move around it using their smart phone or tablet as the viewpoint.

Installers then have the option to add pricing and calculate the cost of each job, incorporating finance tools, discounts, markups and custom payment schedules, while also benefitting from the integrated reporting suite which can export branded sales and survey reports at the touch of a button.

PST Managing Director Neil Travers comments: “With unparalleled technology and application flexibility, PST has become the benchmark solution for all aspects of the glazing industry, and unlike other alternatives on the market, is compatible with all home improvement products including windows, doors, conservatories, solid roofs, orangeries, garden rooms, and pergolas, which can all be manufactured, surveyed, demonstrated and sold using the unique software solution.

“In today’s market, it’s vital that all levels of the industry invest in modern ways to help them stay ahead, and with PST, we’re offering something that not only makes the manufacturing process easier, quicker and more efficient, but that takes selling home improvement products to a whole new level.”

“If you’re a fabricator or installer looking to transform the way you do business, give PST a call today.”

For more information or to sign up to a 14-day free trial, visit

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