Do you ever wonder if your selected roof will suffer from condensation?

If there is one thing that cannot be avoided – unless you are on Mars, because there is no atmosphere out there – is that our air contains moisture.

Dew is created when the air cools and moisture forms on surfaces as it can no longer hold onto that water, a bit of a problem when this happens on the inside of the roof.

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This Interstitial condensation is formed when moist air gets into the fabric of the roof. If the temperature change is significant enough the dew point will be reached and form condensation that can eventually turn to mould and spread.

So to make sure your selected solid roof will not create interstitial condensation:

  • Is there a suitable ventilation cavity to take out the moist air out of the roof
  • Is the insulation supplied enough to minimise any cold bridging and stop warm air from reaching the external rafter.
  • Has that the roof has successfully been through a CRA (Condensation Risk Analysis)

The Icotherm roof system uses a solid roof construction, with 150mm EPS fully recyclable, rigid insulation, and is fully ventilated. It has been CRA checked and is JHAI certified.

Supplied in ready to “slide on” pods, which can be made to suit hard to access installation sites, such as having to go through the house (ie small pods), the Icoroof allows you to fully retrofit a roof, with all tiles installed in only 8 hours.

Beams are cut to size, as is the insulation, and we now offer a cut tile service on Metrotile, which is saving our customers a lot of time of site. Our tiles our delivered to site with the roof for ease. Of course our pods and other components are carefully labelled for a worry free installation.

For further information contact Anne-Marie at,, 01204 773040