Ten-year milestone sees SupaLite look to the future

Preston-based roof specialists SupaLite is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year, marking an important milestone for the company.

Originally launched in the retrofit and new conservatory market in 2012, the renowned SupaLite Tiled Roof System has evolved over the years into a well-crafted design which features lightweight aluminium frames, humidity-proof insulation and custom tiles.

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Tens of thousands of the SupaLite system have been sold in the last 10 years, providing installers from all across the UK with a lightweight, easy to install and desirable solid roof solution for homeowners nationwide.

“Since we began back in 2012, we’ve continuously updated and tweaked our full product range to make sure we’re developing a first-class product for our customers,” explains David Watters, Group Chairman at SupaLite.

“As a team, we’re always looking at our offering to see what we can do to ensure the SupaLite roof constantly evolves so it’s better, faster and easier to fabricate and install. And, that’s why we’re still going strong ten years later.

“Marking a decade in the industry is a great achievement and one we’re extremely proud of. It’s been a great first ten years because we’ve accomplished so much with our products and as a business.

“We’re continuing to make investments in a number of areas to really help us drive to new heights in the future. Not only are we working on the next generation SupaLite Roof System, but we’re also developing a new innovative trade and retail app. I can’t wait to see what the next decade has in store.”

Trusted by fabricators and installers across the UK, SupaLite Tiled Roof Systems are fully accredited by JHAI for Building Regulations approval and offer a cost-effective solution that converts traditional conservatories into useable living spaces all-year-round.

For more information call SupaLite on 01772 828060 or visit www.supaliteroof.co.uk.