Whether you’re a PVC specialist, builders merchant or roofline installer, we all now inhabit the digital world. With almost everyone now carrying a smart phone and engaging with social media for up to three hours a day the potential for brands to communicate directly with users is powerful.

Freefoam made a strategic decision 18 months ago to harness and embrace the rise of social media as part of its overall marketing strategy. Whilst social media is an open forum, competition for attention is fierce, and getting more sophisticated. Engaging content is critical so Freefoam chose to partner with social media specialist Mind Made Digital to ensure a targeted professional approach.

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Aiming to use social media as a platform to engage with customers and installers, raise brand awareness with homeowners and drive business goals the programme has achieved excellent results. Customers are using Freefoam content to promote products and benefits and installers are using it as a platform to instantly share photos of work and installation stories.

Using social media has brought real business benefits to Freefoam. By targeting key business goals we’ve been able to deliver tangible results.  Social media is pushing on average 36% of web traffic across all company sites, the number of enquires to become a Freefoam Registered Installer has doubled and we’ve seen a 70% increase in fans and followers.

Whilst we’re delighted with these figures, that’s not the whole story. Social media has allowed us to work much more closely with customers and installers to create professional high quality content together. Video content is king and we’ve generated films to highlight positive relationships  and the benefits Freefoam products bring throughout the supply chain.

Louise Sanderson, UK Marketing Manager, explained “As manufacturers, using social media has brought a new dimension to our marketing function. Whilst there will always be  a place for traditional Point of Sale and Literature, being able to showcase our products and engage directly with our customer and installer partners has really created a vibrant and active online community. We’ve got some exciting plans in place for 2019 to extend our digital presence, so get involved and follow us! “