Soaring start for 6 Day Doors

It was always an eye-opening proposition – market-leading aluminium bifolds and patio doors, delivered in under a week.

But that bold offering has proved resoundingly successful for fast-moving new fabricator 6 Day Doors, which has enjoyed a booming start to 2020.

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Installers have flocked to the Essex business to take advantage of its lightning fast lead times.

Where most fabricators are only able to offer complex aluminium products with lead times of two to three weeks if not longer, as the name suggests, 6 Day Doors delivers in just six days – and if it doesn’t, your next order is half-price.

“We’re absolutely delighted by the enthusiastic reception we’ve received in our first few months of business,” comments Managing Director Sunny Singh. “But at the same time, we’re not surprised.

“In the age of instant downloads and next-day Amazon deliveries, end-users expect fast service, no matter what product or service they’re paying for. And that means installers who can offer quick lead times immediately have an edge.

“At 6 Day Doors, we’re proving it’s perfectly possible to provide excellent aluminium products in the same timeframe as uPVC ones – and there’s a huge appetite out there for companies that can offer that.”

6 Day Doors offers the industry leading Smart Visofold 1000 bi-fold in grey, white and black in just six days. It can offer different coloured Visofold 1000s, and the Visofold 6000 bifold and Visoglide Plus patio door with longer lead times.

For more information visit or call 020 8500 4900.

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