The Cuckoo online marketing system from Wendland has been helping retailers show off their best installations since it was launched in 2019. The system allows Wendland customers to quickly and easily create beautiful, bespoke marketing materials that can include imagery of their own installations and offers excellent value for money.

Cuckoo contains a large number of templates for a wide range of marketing tools, including retail brochures, customisable videos, fully integrated campaigns, showroom point of sale materials, and more. Each item can be personalised with the company’s own logo and text about the company, as well as images of their own installations or ones from Wendland’s extensive image library.

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Wendland retailers can save a huge amount of time and money when using Cuckoo to create their marketing tools vs the usual route of working with an agency. Taking the Wendland retail brochure as an example, a bespoke brochure created in Cuckoo can be completed in around 20 minutes and without the high cost of an agency.

Cuckoo is also available to Wendland fabricators who can personalise marketing materials on behalf of their retail customers. To begin using the system, Wendland customers simply need to request login details from the Wendland Marketing Team. The system is very intuitive and simple to use but full training is available if required, either at Wendland or at customer’s own premises.

The uptake for Cuckoo so far has been superb – once retailers use Cuckoo and see how easy it makes their marketing, they never look back. While the prices on Cuckoo always offer value for money, Wendland customers can also benefit from promotions and offers that make using the system even more appealing.

To contact the Wendland Marketing Team and find out how Cuckoo can change the way you do your marketing, email or call 01200 452345.