Secured finance the latest offering from award-winning job management software

Award-winning job management app Payaca has added secured finance to its arsenal of powerful conversion-boosting tools.

The Bristol-based firm already allowed home improvement SMEs to offer third-party finance options, as well as send branded quotes, estimates and invoices, all from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

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But after teaming up with Selina Finance, an innovative new entrant to the lending space, Payaca has expanded that offering even further.

Service businesses can now use the innovative software to let their homeowner customers access lines of credit of between £25k and £1m, secured against the value of their property – and crucially, they only start paying interest when they draw down on it.

“We have fantastic solutions for funding projects below £25k, but for a long time, we couldn’t find anything suitable for larger jobs,” comments Payaca founder Matt Franklin.

“That’s why we were so excited when we found out about Selina, and their game-changing FlexiLoan product.

“We’ve seen home improvement spending soar over the last twelve months, as homeowners across the country have diverted funds that would’ve normally gone on foreign holidays and the like into sprucing up their properties.

“With Selina, and the option for secured lending, we’re now able to help thousands more businesses capitalise on the huge demand that’s out there. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to arrange a free demo.”

Payaca is the only software of its kind to combine job management, finance and analytics for home improvement SMEs.

It helps them level the playing field with bigger national firms by giving them the ability to create, send and track professional quotes and invoices, collect e-signatures, calculate profit margins and measure performance analytics, all while integrating with platforms like Stripe, Zapier, Xero and Quickbooks.

Earlier this year, Payaca was named Best Tech Start-up at the prestigious Go:Tech Awards.

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