A couple from County Durham have had a fantastic start to 2019 as they became the third winners of the Win Your Windows Back competition from Saint-Gobain Building Glass, winning over £3,000 to cover the cost of their new Planitherm windows.

Saint-Gobain Building Glass is currently running its quarterly Win Your Windows Back competition, where entrants have the chance to win up to £10,000 towards the cost of new high-performance windows, to mark the launch of its revitalised Planitherm Network.

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Derek and Carolyn Winter from Seaham in County Durham live in a listed building; built in 1745 with an adjoining cottage built 10 years ago. They spent £3291.60 for a new double sash window for their kitchen from ERW Joinery Ltd and became the third winners of the quarterly prize draw.

Derek Winter said: “We no longer have draughty sash windows thanks to the expertise of the restoration undertaken by ERW Joinery Ltd. Their advice on thermal efficiency and choice of glazing was outstanding, especially for the new kitchen window.

“The result is a beautifully made, energy efficient kitchen window with glazing that not only defends us against the elements but also provides heat retaining elements. The fact that we entered and benefited from the Win Your Windows Back competition was an unexpected and delightful bonus.”

Lawrence Wall, Managing Director of ERW Joinery Ltd, said: “I am delighted for our clients to have won the draw. Not only are they enjoying the benefits of the replacement window to the kitchen and the increased comfort it brings, but now they have an unexpected windfall. It was a wonderful surprise for them.

“The opportunity to win back the cost of your windows is the icing on the cake when choosing Planitherm products to improve comfort levels in the home.”

A key benefit of the Planitherm Network is the wealth of information on the website and access to sales and marketing tools to help fabricators and installers to start having different conversations with their customers and choose the right glass to meet their changing needs.

Becky Jones, Planitherm Brand Builder, said: “Its been great to see fabricators getting on board with the re-invigorated Planitherm Network and use it to really understand the needs of the consumer and install the right glass for the right situation

“Since the beginning of the campaign launched in January, total vetted Planitherm Network members have risen from 369 to 400, while the number of users logging into the Network portal has increased from 12 per month to an average of 87 per month.”

The Planitherm range has been simplified into three options: Energy Standard for maximum energy efficiency; Comfort, which also offers enhanced security, noise reduction and furniture fade protection; and Comfort Plus for all these benefits plus solar control for sunny rooms.

Energy Standard is ideal for standard windows in any room, but not ideal for south or west facing rooms with sunny aspects or large glazed areas. Comfort is particularly ideal for bedrooms, for a peaceful night’s sleep, or rooms overlooking busier streets where noise or security are a concern.  Comfort Plus is designed for homes with large glazed areas, bi-fold doors, and south and west facing aspects, where overheating may be a concern.

For more information, or to become a Planitherm Network Member, visit