Safety in the Shade with Wendland Lantern Canopy

Wendland fabricator, NW Rooftech, has recently completed an unusual aluminium canopy installation, designed to protect a gentleman with extremely sensitive skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. High specification glazing has been used in the glass roof which features the Wendland Lantern ridge.

Commenting about the project, Wendland Brand Manager, Chloe McGrath, said: “The Wendland Lantern can be used for a range of projects including orangeries and flat roof extensions, but this is the first time we have seen it used to create such a canopy. Aside from looking great, this project serves an important purpose by giving a man with very sensitive skin a place to relax outdoors, knowing he is safe from harmful UV rays. NW Rooftech have done a sterling job and it’s no wonder the customer is happy with it.”

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The bespoke canopy was designed by Andy Ingham at NW Rooftech, who explained further. He said: “We have never been asked before to design a conservatory structure to protect someone in this way and we were really pleased to have been able to help. The canopy uses the Wendland Lantern ridge and has created a great place to relax. The glass choice for the roof was of course, key to protecting the homeowner from UV rays. The glass chosen for this project is aqua heat reflective glass which offers 82% solar reflection to block out the majority of the sun’s damaging UV rays.”

The Wendland Lantern has a simple, neat design and a host of clip-on features which make it fast and easy to fit. Thanks to its strong ridge, the Wendland Lantern has fewer bars than other lanterns, and offers modern good looks that appeal to homeowners. The Wendland Lantern is also packed with thermal features to avoid condensation build-up. From the thermal rider rail to the thermal clips, these features combine to ensure superb performance. It is also extremely easy to fit thanks to a unique pre-assembled RidgeLOCK system, clip-on ridge end covers, pre-fitted thermal clips and easy-fit clip-on cappings.

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