Quickslide’s Digital Investments Get Results

Quickslide’s continued investment in the digital aspects of its business has seen it further increase efficiencies while providing even more consistently high-quality products and services.

This commitment to on-going digital improvement has driven up the quality of both production and customer service, as Managing Director Ben Weber explained:

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“Everything we do at Quickslide is focused on how we can improve our products and services so that, ultimately, our trade partners can improve theirs. From large overhauls to smaller continuous tweaks and improvements, we’re always looking for ways to increase efficiencies, quality, and sales.”

Systems Development Manager James McArthur completely redesigned Quickslide’s VS production line, with a fully optimised system tailored specifically to suit the business’s unique requirements.

“The system has been developed using the latest EvoNET management tool from fenestration industry software specialist Business Micros, that we use across the business to give us greater visibility and control,” said Ben.

“James has along with our in-house team of developers produced a system that syncs with the core BM system for use on the VS production line, to drive lean manufacturing. As a result, we’ve seen a dramatic drop in post-delivery remedials.

“We have always been proud of our quality and our emphasis on ‘right first time’, but we never rest on our laurels and will always strive for perfection. Because fewer site visits also mean our Service Engineers’ time is freed up to focus on actively helping grow our business and that of our trade partners instead.”

The digital investment and improvements in production run alongside Quickslide’s web developments. The new website, which focused on completely reworking the back-end without compromising the familiar front-end, has been a huge step forward in driving organic growth.

Ben explained: “With our new website our trade partners will soon be able to gain access to a dashboard system where leads can be effectively managed – in effect, it’ll function as a complimentary CRM system for our partners. Meanwhile, investments in clever lead generation tools will enable us to grow with our partners, while we continue to invest in SEO to drive the right kind of customers with the right kind of requirements to our site.

“At Quickslide we pride ourselves on focusing on all aspects of our business to continually bring improvements to our products, services and ultimately to the trade our partners do. It’s great to see this latest investment in our digital capabilities for both our products and services making such a difference to our business and that of our partners.”

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