Quickslide Offers Quick Surviving Under the Lockdown Tips for Its Trade Partners

Despite the coronavirus having a devastating effect on every aspect of life, there are signs that people and businesses are adjusting to life under lockdown. And, whilst it may be some time before any sort of normality is resumed, a number of companies are offering advice that will allow preparations to be made for that eventuality.

Brighouse, Yorkshire-based window and door fabricator Quickslide is one such firm that has turned its expertise and resources towards producing advice that its trade partners may use to prepare themselves for an end to the lockdown and actually, to show how they may open up discussions with potential customers even whilst the restrictions apply.

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Offered in the form of a blog on the company’s website at www.quickslide.co.uk/blog/guides/quick-tips-for-trade-partners-during-the-covid-19-outbreak/ Quickslide’s Surviving the Virus tips include guides on Government finance, grants and other key support schemes in a series of simple, no-nonsense guidelines that include links to the right departments and organisations. Others offer effective tips on how installers used to being out and about during their working day, can adapt to home working, a concept that in itself can provide difficulties when put into practice.

Marketing is another key function that can and should be continued, says Quickslide. Its Marketing Portal, available for all Quickslide Trade Partners, offers extensive resources that allow companies not only to ensure their brand awareness is maintained but that leads may be actually generated in preparation for when life returns to some sort of normality.

In fact, the Quickslide guide shows how quotes can still be prepared from a few photographs sent in by homeowners. Installers can guide their prospective customers over the telephone or even via video links, following which Quickslide may prepare accurate estimates that may be confirmed when it is safe to complete a survey.

“Although we cannot ignore the terrible toll that the coronavirus outbreak is wreaking on society, we will emerge from this and it is essential that business returns to normal as quickly as possible, for all of our sakes,” said Quickslide’s Adrian Barraclough. “Having ensured the safety of their families homeowners have a great deal of time on their hands and will be making plans and reviving aspirations for improving their homes with the addition of new windows and doors, especially those that open their homes to their gardens.

“It is important for installers that lockdown time is used positively. Our guide shows how installers can not only prepare for a return to work but to actually hit the ground running with healthy leads to firm up, having secured their businesses with all of the financial support that is being made available to them. And we have a team of people ready to help with all sorts of advice,” added Adrian.

The guide ‘Quick Tips for Trade Partners during the COVID-19 Outbreak,’ together with a range of other useful information, can be found on the Quickslide website at: www.quickslide.co.uk

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