2019 sees one of the country’s most quality-focused fabricators mark a quarter-century in business.

Over 25 years, Midlands firm Stedek has built itself into a highly respected supplier of premium-quality window products, and won praise for its uncompromising commitment to excellence across the board.

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Founded by Steve Page in the early 1990s, Stedek grew quickly in the decades that followed, and, by 2010, it had become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Swish and Profile 22 windows.

But recent years have seen a new generation take the lead. Under Steve’s son Alex, now Managing Director, and Sales Director Richard Hammond, Stedek has been transformed into one of Britain’s best Residence Collection fabricators.

Driven by an outlook they call Residence Excellence, Stedek bring their legendary attention to detail to systems that were already best-in-class. The result is some of the best R9, R7 and R2 windows you’ll find anywhere.

Richard Hammond reflects on Stedek’s 25th birthday:

“Like everyone in glass and glazing, I’ve been enjoying White Gold – the BBC sitcom about dodgy double-glazing salesmen back in the day.

“Stedek began in that era, back when the general consensus was that fenestration was full of cowboys. But from the very start, we made a conscious decision to be different.

“No compromises, no second bests – if a product wasn’t good enough to be fitted in any of our homes, it didn’t leave the factory. We built this business on a foundation of trust, quality, reliability, honesty and respect.

“Today, that commitment is as strong as it’s ever been – and combined with one of the finest heritage systems ever created, it results in windows that we think are world-class.

“We want to take this opportunity to thank all the fantastic customers and dedicated members of staff who’ve supported us over the last 25 years. Without them, none of it would’ve been possible.

“We can’t wait to see what the next 25 years will bring – and keep your eyes peeled for some exciting news later this year…”

For more information visit www.stedek.co.uk or call 01922 724724.