PST software solutions spearhead efficiency at Modplan

Efficiency is at the core of any successful fabrication business, which is why many in the industry are seeing the benefits of Virtual Shopfloor, a unique and powerful manufacturing software from Production Software Technology (PST) that can help achieve a flat pack rate of 97%.

One of these manufacturers is leading trade fabricator Modplan, who have been using the software for 15 years.

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Virtual Shopfloor is a manufacturing-based software that allows fabricators to choose from a library of 3D model templates or create custom designs from scratch. Manufacturing reports can then be generated with the option to send instructions directly to CNC machinery. 

Wayne Curtis, Modplan’s Conservatory Technical Manager, comments: “Virtual Shopfloor has been a game changer for us in terms of efficiency – when an order comes in, we upload it to the system and process it through Virtual Shopfloor. This then goes to the shopfloor and the product is manufactured directly from the paperwork generated by the software.

“The software has also played a big role in increasing our flat pack rate. Previously, we would spend a lot of time and resources on building conservatory roofs at our manufacturing facility, whereas now, we can rely solely on the accurate paperwork from Virtual Shopfloor and cut straight from that.

“This means that space that was previously used for roof builds has now been allocated to increased manufacturing capacity, enabling us to manufacture up to 40 conservatory roofs a week.”

Modplan has also equipped its export customers with vsHome, PST’s installer-based software that allows them to design and bring their customers’ ideas to life using drag and drop tools within an integrated 3D editor. A unique visualisation tool can then be used to fit models onto a photo background, producing a real-life representation of the finished product.

This can then be taken a step further with vsHome AR, an innovative companion app that allows installers to share their designs directly to their customer’s phone or tablet so they can explore their potential purchase using advanced AR technology.

Wayne explains: “Our export customers use vsHome to easily quote for a full conservatory and can be assured that the price is within 2% accuracy. They also use the vsHome AR app to open up their conservatory on their phone, walk inside it and even attach it to their house, and they love that.

“Overall, working with PST has truly transformed the way we work at Modplan, and I would definitely recommend their software solutions to fabricators and installers across the country.”

PST Managing Director Neil Travers comments: “Efficiency is the cornerstone of success, and at PST, we are committed to empowering businesses with our cutting-edge solutions. Modplan’s experience speaks volumes about the transformative impact of our software solutions, and our goal is to continue revolutionising the industry and helping  businesses achieve unparalleled efficiency and success.”

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