Poor fire door inspection results show need for better installation and maintenance, says Shelforce Business Manager

The news that three quarters (76%) of fire doors inspected last year by the Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS) are not fit for purpose highlights the challenges the industry faces to ensure fire doors do the life-saving job they are supposed to.

That’s the view of Howard Trotter, Business Manager of Shelforce, who specialise in providing high-quality PVCu and aluminium windows and doors to Local Authority building projects and recently launched its new compliant Fireshel 30-minure fire, smoke, and security resistant door.

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The FDIS data, which refers to more than 100,000 inspections in over 2,700 buildings across the UK, showed that nearly a quarter (24%) of fire doors that were third-party certificated were correctly installed and maintained, 40% of third-party certificated fire doors were condemned due to poor maintenance and 36% due to both poor installation and poor maintenance.

Installation failures included excessive gaps around the door and the use of non-compatible foam, while maintenance issues included smoke sealing and poorly adjusted door closers.

“The installation and maintenance of fire doors is as life critical as the product specification itself. It doesn’t matter how good the door is – it will not prevent the spread of fire when it counts if it has been installed incorrectly or not maintained,” said Howard.

“The correct specification, installation and ongoing maintenance of a fire door can mean the difference between life or death for occupants, so it’s vital that building owners take responsibility and ensure that their fire doors are regularly inspected and maintained.”

To help provide Local Authorities with everything they need to ensure fire doors are performing to their maximum every time, Shelforce is offering a comprehensive fire door package with its Fireshel system, ranging from fabrication through to installation, maintenance, and emergency repairs.

Howard added: “It’s important for Local Authorities and building owners to be provided with the right information about fire doors. While third-party certificated fire doors provide crucial specification information and proof of performance, they must be installed by third-party accredited installers who have completed additional enhanced training at the door manufacturer.”

The fully Fireshel door set solution has achieved all the new stringent recommendations set by the MHCLG and has proven 30-minute fire resistance consistency having been fire tested from both sides many times to EN1634 -1, achieving 49 minutes fire resistance. It has also been PAS 024 Security tested and Q Mark 3rd Party independent audited for both fire and security compliance. And all components have been tested and approved against the new 2020 Q Mark 170 Scheme Fire and Security Composite door Set requirements. For more information call Shelforce on 0121 603 5262 or visit www.shelforce.com. 

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