Panoramic Doors has revealed plans to open sales and distribution of its full range of Swing and Slide doors through a UK-wide network of Approved Installers. Commencing immediately for the key spring sales period, all versions of Panoramic’s popular alternative to the ubiquitous bi-folding door will be available to retail installers, supported by marketing support, online ordering and a 10-day delivery cycle.

For the first time in the UK, all versions of the Panoramic Door – which allows the uninterrupted openings of bi-folds but through a system of individual sliding panels that offer greater flexibility – will be available, including the original in aluminium, an aluminium and timber version and the PVC-U Panoramic door that the company introduced last year in the UK.

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Panoramic Doors have proved popular with homeowners seeking the unrestricted openings allowed by bi-folds, but who have also recognised the restrictions of imposed by the hinged panels. Panoramic uses a system of individual panels that slide independently along a track. This allows the door to be fully opened, or in a combination of open and closed panels according to homeowner preference. Despite this flexibility, weather protection and security are assured by the tongue and groove design through which panels are interlocked when closed. This design, combined with Panoramic’s patented hardware and operating system, provide security to PAS24.

The unusual operating mechanism also enables the doors to be opened with minimal intrusion either side of the track, allowing furniture to be placed close to the doors and installation in more confined areas.  All locks and hinges are hidden inside the panels and frame, to offer clean and elegant lines when open or closed. All products are CE and CMS marked.

Approved Installers will enjoy a showroom package that includes product together with digital and printed retail literature, along side excellent social media support. Panoramic Doors are supplied fully glazed and ready to install, with a guaranteed 10-day turnaround and comprehensive technical assistance for installers, including full installation training, will also be provided.

Aluminium versions of the Panoramic Door are available in three standard colours and more than 200 RAL options. The aluminium/timber door is available in combinations of the aluminium colour options for the external frame and White Oak and Mahogany on the inside. The PVC-U Panoramic door is available in a wide range of coloured and woodgrained foils. A further option that has proved popular with homeowners is the clever and durable Ascena insect screen that is also available as part of the package offered to installers.

Doors may be ordered through Panoramic’s online ordering system, with prices from £395 plus VAT per leaf fully glazed (2.2m x 1m) for PVC-U doors; £540 + VAT per leaf for aluminium versions and £640 plus VAT per leaf for aluminium/wood.

For installers, all versions of Panoramic doors are supplied fully glazed and are easier than conventional bi-folding doors to transport and handle, whilst also being simpler to install due to the design, with leaves simply slotted individually into the custom tracks.

Further information at; by calling 0114 322 1500; or by emailing