Opportunity knocks for aluminium installers

The popularity of high-end aluminium products is providing plenty of opportunities for installers in the UK, both commercially and residentially.

That’s the view of Jeremy Phillips, Group Chairman of Gloucester-based aluminium specialists CDW Systems.

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Once seen as a strictly commercial material, aluminium has achieved great success in the residential market as more homeowners become aware of the benefits of aluminium windows and doors such as slim sightlines, high performance, and superior energy efficiency.

“Aluminium has always been a favourite in the commercial sector thanks to its strength and its ability to provide large-glazed areas,” said Jeremy. “However, in the last three-four years homeowners have turned their attention to much more aspirational home improvement products and high-end aluminium windows and doors have proved a huge hit.

“And with homeowners still unsure whether to go on holiday this year, and with savings from the last 12 months needing to be spent, the demand for high-end aluminium products is likely to continue.

“As a result, our customers are taking on more and more high-end projects; we have seen great demand for patio doors and large glazed areas, and we don’t see that slowing down any time soon.”

CDW Systems’ aluminium patio and bi-fold doors are manufactured using leading aluminium systems from Smart, Technal, Reynaers, and AluK, including Technal’s Crown Sliding Patio Door, Reynaers Aluminium lift and slide patio door system, the Smart slide 2000 patio door, and the AluK folding/sliding door system.

Whether it’s a small-scale domestic project or a full commercial contract, CDW Systems have the perfect solution, and knowledge and expertise, to help installers capitalise on demand and take advantage of the valuable opportunities out there.

Jeremy added: “Installers need to ensure they are working with a supplier that has the expertise required to fabricate aluminium, otherwise this could lead to problems such as poor quality and slow lead times later.

“With almost 30 years’ experience in supplying trade installers across the UK with the best aluminium products, we know a thing or two about providing our customers with the right system and service to ensure a project goes smoothly.

“Our team liaises with customers early on to help determine the best products to suit a project, and we also provide full technical back-up for a successful completion and to the correct specification.”

For more information, visit www.cdwsystems.co.uk or call 01452 414 853.