One quick win to boost your email marketing

Email marketing is a vital tool in an ever-growing digital world.

In fact, it has become one of the leading strategies for companies across the globe.

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Although, with so many marketing teams rightfully exercising such methods, it has become increasingly harder to make your emails stand out above the rest.

On the other hand, some find that producing such campaigns is too hard – a step outside their comfort zone – not knowing where to start.

So perhaps the solution is to outsource your email marketing to a reliable company who have expertise in such areas.

In-house email experts

Here at Insight Data, our dedicated email marketing team has helped pioneer attention-grabbing emails that are viewed by nearly a third of all recipients and interacted with by a further 21%.

The results are thanks to carefully designed custom emails that have been tailored to specific needs and targets.

This means that your emails will be personalised for maximum effect, and they will be sent directly to your audiences’ inboxes without any additional third-party interference.

The team also monitor open and click-through rates which help us understand what type of content resonates most with your audiences.

It also allows the team to gauge what markets are more likely to interact with emails on what day – boosting the success of each campaign.

Insight Data’s Operations Manager Alex Tremlett added: “Our email marketing experts plan and analyse every element of your campaign’s look, feel and content to produce staggering results.

“Our team understands the importance of effective communication and are dedicated to helping you reach your target audience thanks to our huge prospect database.”

Fit for the future

If you don’t have the facilities in-house for email marketing, we are fully equipped to help you.

Sending millions of emails each year, our team use advanced techniques such as spam-scoring, split-testing and inbox testing across multiple email clients such as Outlook and Gmail.

We will also carefully consider your landing page or help you design a new online lead capture area.

This ensures recipients enter certain pages after clicking links in your email, with powerful calls-to-action and a lead capture form. We build engaging landing pages and micro-sites that dramatically increase enquiries and response rates.

Alongside the design and creation of such emails, Insight can guarantee that your emails are being delivered to the widest and most specific audience possible.

Alex Tremlett continued: “As a leading data supplier, we have the largest and most accurate list of email contacts with one of the highest numbers of ‘direct’ email addresses in the construction and glazing industry, so you’ll be targeting individuals, not just generic ‘info@’ addresses.

“Alternatively, if you have your own email data, we can use this and manage your campaigns on your behalf.

“Overall, we’ve seen first-hand how email marketing is one of the best ways to market your products and services. Our email experts can build attractive and effective email campaigns that bring in results for our clients.

“What’s more, with our fresh prospect data across many areas of the fenestration and construction industry, we can help you discover and connect to the best prospects for what you’re offering.”

Insight Data

At Insight Data, we offer a vast range of marketing and data services for the fenestration and construction industries.

With our vast marketing databases, we aim to make it easier to sell your products – with the details of over 50,000 different companies from across the UK.

Alongside email marketing, Insight Data also provide telesales, market research and access to a leading real-time prospect data platform.

To find out more about any of these services, please call 01934 808293 or email