John Fredericks Plastics Ltd is delighted to welcome Mark Dicconson back as MD and Shareholder. Since Mark’s return to the firm in January, JFPL has taken the decision to return to the exclusive manufacture of Halo PVCu systems, which  – along with a number of other changes – has led 30 former customers to return to the business.

Mark was Sales and Marketing Director/Owner at John Fredericks Plastics from 1991-1998 and then took on the role of Managing Director/Owner for the six years after. Following a number of years out of the industry, Mark was excited to return to the company he spent so many years being a part of, and he’s looking forward to helping steer a successful course for the years ahead.

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He explains: “I’m pleased to have returned to John Fredericks Plastics, a business that I was exceptionally proud to own. After a few years away, I returned feeling excited about the opportunities and challenges ahead and looking forward to helping JFPL get back to its full ‘former glory’.

“In some areas, the team and I felt the business had started to become somewhat ‘diluted’ and so we’ve been busy re-focussing attention on JFPL’s core products and the areas of strength where we absolutely excel. In particular, I was keen to relaunch the ‘Ultimate Collection’ which gives installers the opportunity to retain their own branding and personality while offering an industry-leading system, backed up by premium marketing. The Ultimate Collection’s accompanying literature doesn’t promote JFPL or Halo by name, and can be overprinted to fall more naturally under a customer’s own product portfolio.

“The main, key strength I wanted to bring back to JFPL upon my return, was the exclusive supply of Halo PVCu systems. I believe the quality of these products is exceptional. JFPL’s historic success was built on a strong partnership with Halo, now a brand of VEKA UK.

“In my early years at JFPL, the company worked closely with Halo in developing new profile systems and so we have real insight into the level of quality they offer. I’m very confident that it is the right move to supply a single brand. In just eight months, we’ve already seen significant, measurable results, including the return of at least 30 valued customers.”

JFPL has invested in Halo signage and vehicle livery to further highlight its commitment to the industry-leading supplier.

VEKA UK Sales Director Neil Evans said: “We’re delighted to congratulate Mark on his return to JFPL and thrilled to see the company return to 100% Halo. The ethos at John Fredericks Plastics is closely aligned with ours here at VEKA UK, with a commitment to quality, delivery and innovation. Halo and JFPL go back a long way, and I’m looking forward to seeing this partnership continue to flourish in the many years ahead.”