Newview find new ways to work smart with Framepoint®

Based in Worthing, Newview Glazing Specialists are a premium supplier to homeowners, trade, and commercial clients, and quoting software Framepoint® from Tommy Trinder has transformed their sales process.

As an ISO accredited company with a high-profile client list and a vast portfolio of volume residential work, Newview are constantly looking for innovative ways to work smart, reduce waste and provide a quality service to customers.

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“Framepoint® has helped us push to the next level,” says Tom Cox, Sales Manager. “We were using varying software packages before that were a little bit old fashioned, a bit clunky. We needed something that was more of a seamless approach to dealing with customers, quoting works, and getting quotations sent out accurately. That’s when we started using Framepoint®, and it’s been a real success!”

With its best-in-class visualisation and an impressive user interface, Framepoint® has been a real hit with homeowners and has assisted with conversions:

“Feedback from clients is really good. When you can draw things with a client and actually explain in detail what we’re talking about, that’s where this software really does come into its own.”

As a sales veteran with years of experience spanning several sectors, Tom has found Framepoint® to be a breath of fresh air.

“Working in construction, sometimes things can be a little basic so really this feels like the industry catching up. You need to use technology to push your business forward, it’s as simple as that.”

Newview are the principle contractor for London City airport and have worked with Heathrow Airport for over ten years, so they’re no strangers to high volume contracts. Framepoint® has helped the team stay organised in the face of unprecedented demand and “really has sped up the process” Tom said.

“We visit a lot of clients, I would have four to five appointments per day and then create multiple quotes for each client. When you’re doing that on pen and paper it can get quite messy, it used to take a long time. With Framepoint® my original drawings are used throughout because they’re accurate. There’s no misinterpretation, the detail is there. It’s a lot slicker, a lot quicker!”

As an ISO company, Newview are “always looking for ways of streamlining and using less”, Tom said. “Using Framepoint® does make a big difference to us – we’ve noticed that we’re ordering less paper! It makes things easier, quicker, simpler, more efficient.”

Framepoint® is subscription based and billed monthly. To find out more about Framepoint® and book a free demo installers should visit