New Wave Doors delivers 100% OTIF in November

Despite industry-wide supply chain issues recently, New Wave Doors reported fulfilling every one of its orders on time and in full throughout November.

The Bristol-based manufacturer has seen demand for its alternative to traditional bi-fold doors increase considerably in recent years ­– prompting some to ask if the typical bi-fold’s days are numbered – and has always been proud of its ability to fulfil orders quickly and efficiently.

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New Wave Doors Production Director, Ben Warren, commented: “Maintaining high OTIF scores is something we’ve been focusing on since the pandemic, and we’ve achieved over 90% OTIF since April. The fact we have been able to deliver 100% of our orders on time and in full for the whole of November shows that our hard work is paying off.”     

Having been on the receiving end of supply chain difficulties in the post-pandemic market recovery, New Wave Doors has implemented several key points that have contributed towards the latest 100% OTIF record.

“The biggest influence has been our new software system,” explains Ben. “We found off-the-shelf systems just weren’t delivering what we needed, so we are working with our own software developers and have invested in a system that has been designed specifically for our business. It allows for full QR code scanning throughout the factory, which gives full transparency throughout our manufacturing processes. We can simply log in and see exactly what’s going on at any given point.”

“Working with the right systems company to extrude our unique New Wave system and investing in stock levels has also been a huge contributing factor to delivering orders on time. We’ve been working closely with Cortizo for our aluminium profiles and have invested in large volumes of stock of our most popular white, black, and anthracite products. We’ve also developed the New Wave ‘Decimal’ lock with Ingenious and invested in significant stock levels.”

“Like nearly all companies in the industry, we’ve been at the mercy of supply chain issues. But we’ve taken the necessary steps to combat these, and it’s fantastic to see those are paying off and our customers can rely on New Wave Doors to reliably and consistently fulfil their orders.”

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