MTL™200: Mul-T-Lock’s high-quality, patented locking solution

Mul-T-Lock has launched a new cost-effective locking solution that offers convenient and efficient master key suites with patent protection and high resistance to cylinder manipulation attack.

MTL™200 from the leading security specialist is based on proven six-pin technology and is now available as a high-quality mechanical product, with patent protection until 2038.

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Offered with basic master key system capabilities that are compatible with Mul-T-Lock’s new Antibacterial keys, MTL™200 is designed to promote security and long-term durability.

Says Jamie Jagpal, Product Manager – Mechanical: “Mul-T-Lock is dedicated to developing advanced locking systems, which present patent-protected security solutions to the highest standards.  Our new MTL™200 now forms part of our core patented platform line and as such, has some of the recognisable Mul-T-Lock features.

“Every element has been designed to offer high quality, from being the first solution to offer the sawn key to the brass body pins design to prevent picking and bumping.  Its ease of install and capability to create simple master key suites enables security to be considered early on in any specification process. The result is a cylinder solution that is affordable, flexible and ready to offer essential peace of mind.”

MTL™200 is designed as an entry-level locking solution that goes beyond the standard, offering advanced, patented technology and protection that complies with international standards.  It is also protected by a special profile, which allows advanced key copy control.

Each cylinder is supplied with three full nickel silver metal keys and is protected by a unique key profile, offered with Mul-T-Lock’s specialist antibacterial coating as standard.  These keys have been tested to the ISO 22196 standard to show lower bacterial contamination compared to other keys. 

Jamie adds: “Mul-T-Lock works in partnership to help ensure patent protected key systems can continue to be offered cost effectively.  Our launch of MTL™200 demonstrates how we are able to create solutions of affordable design to suit individual projects.  Each focused on achieving the levels of accuracy, attention to detail, compliance to standards and functionality required for every part of a locking system.”

Mul-T-Lock is a globally trusted provider of customised security products and solutions.  Our aim will also remain to offer patent protected systems for businesses and homes, to ensure peace of mind, safety and security.

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