As the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues across the world, the glass and glazing industry is witnessing and experiencing one of the most extraordinary periods in living memory.

Across the UK and Ireland, companies continue to make tough decisions and take unprecedented measures to ensure their businesses stay solvent against a bleak backdrop. The trading environment is sharply brought into perspective by the health statistics and the omnipresent risk to everyone’s health and safety. The Government has closed down several industries but the construction is one they are keen to see continue, if workers can operate within the Public Health Guidelines.

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To help GGF Members cope during this crisis, the GGF has set up several platforms and communications channels under a new service titled “Business Continuity Support”.

The GGF Business Continuity Support has three strands:

  • To collate the most relevant information from all key sources and communicate it to Members during the crisis
  • To communicate Members and the industry’s issues to the respective Government departments and by doing so lobby for greater support for the glass and glazing industry
  • To adjust the GGF’s resources and services so they provide more focused support for Members during the COVID-19 crisis

Every day the GGF External Affairs and Marketing Department is monitoring the information and updates received from Government departments, related construction trade bodies and the political media. The most relevant information for the industry is then selected and cascaded to GGF Members often on a daily basis.

The GGF conveys this key information via the following channels and platforms.

  • Regular Business Continuity Support emails to Members
  • Uploading direct links to Government support measures and guidance on the GGF website
  • Uploading articles with the latest news and information in the GGF website news section
  • Creation of a new GGF Business Continuity Support section on the Members’ only section of the GGF website to house all updates
  • Upload of key Government documents such the Site Operating Procedures on the GGF website publications section
  • Providing information and digital toolkits from the GGF’s business support partners such as Citation – the HR, Employment Law and Business Support consultants.
  • Sharing information on social media via twitter @GGF_News and LinkedIn

On the new Business Continuity Support, James Lee GGF Director of External Affairs commented, “At this time when companies need as much support as possible, the GGF felt it was essential to set up this bespoke service to help Members cope during this crisis. We will continue to update as and when we receive new information to ensure Members get the very latest news affecting our industry.”