Moodle Chosen as Platform for Future GGF Training Programmes

The Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF) has chosen the world’s most widely used learning platform, Moodle, as the basis for delivering its increasingly ambitious and diverse online training programme. Used globally by more than 213 million users and by a wide cross-section of organisations, including the Open University, London School of Economics and Microsoft, Moodle was felt by the GGF’s Technical Department as being the ideal solution to deliver its training courses online.

Moodle was chosen by the GGF, who are working with GQA Qualifications and training partners Total Support Training, to deliver its Skilled Pathways Scheme to provide the next generation of skilled workers for the glazing and glass processing sectors. In the development of this, an area for concern was not only how technical information would be delivered, but how to assess and record knowledge, skills and behaviours in a way that could be externally assessed and avoid bias. Moodle was felt to satisfy all of these concerns.

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With Moodle now in place, the platform will be utilised to deliver a number of existing NVQ assessment modules as well as a total of 41 modules in development, that will provide up-to-date information on technical, health, safety environmental and behavioural practices amongst others. The GGF recognises the disruption that training can place on a company’s manufacturing or installation programmes and Moodle will allow all schemes and modules to be accessed with ease and online, providing flexibility. The system can be accessed by mobile, PC, Mac or tablet providing the trainee with the opportunity to use it while travelling to and from their workplace or site, for example.

For the GGF, chief development officer Anda Gregory said: “The GGF is providing its most ambitious training and skills development programme ever and we needed a platform that would allow us to deliver this successfully but in ways that allowed flexibility to the trainees and their employers and for us to reach as many individuals and as quickly as possible. Moodle is perfect for that.”

GGF Members signed up to the Skilled Pathways Scheme are already taking advantage of the facility and enjoying the benefits of employees with enhanced skills and job satisfaction.