Mila Signposts Mental Health Support as Lockdown Eases

At the start of Mental Health Awareness Week, Mila is highlighting the need to support individuals who are struggling with the intense stresses which the Coronavirus crisis has brought.

The industry’s leading hardware supplier has already issued guidance on how to implement safe working protocols to protect employee’s physical health, but says that their mental health needs to be protected as well.

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Joe Montague Mila’s Health and Safety Manager says that mental health was a key element in the risk assessment completed at Mila before it began its phased reopening at the end of April. He says: “These are challenging times for everyone – whether they are furloughed, working from home, or returning to a work setting which looks very different from just a few weeks ago.

“We clearly shouldn’t underestimate the impact that this can have on their mental wellbeing and have a duty as in industry to provide adequate support. As one of Mila’s two trained Mental Health First Aiders, I know how important it is to make sure that anyone who is struggling within any business feels unconditionally supported and knows how to access the professionals, groups or organisations who can provide the help that they need.

“As well as offering a sympathetic, non-judgemental and completely confidential ear, we are also signposting our staff to the NHS Every Mind Matters website and the government’s Coronavirus support website so that they know what support is available even if they are not physically at Mila and working from home.”

He adds: “For most businesses, there has been an understandable focus throughout the lockdown on getting the practical measures in place to help businesses restart. However, mental health support shouldn’t be overlooked, and the NHS and government websites are a practical and positive place for people to start.”

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