Mighton’s Avia Secure smart casement handle awarded SBD approval

Mighton has announced that its Avia Secure smart casement handle has achieved Secured by Design (SBD) approval, the official police preferred specification that’s designed to demonstrate a recognised standard for security products that can deter and reduce crime.

The SBD accreditation follows recent PAS24 testing and approval for the ‘intelligent’ Avia casement handle, which is designed to notify homeowners of the status of their windows by sending alerts to Apple devices or via the Apple HomeKit platform.

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The SBD approval underlines the enviable security credentials of the Avia Secure family of smart home products, a range that combines class leading smart technology with proven, traditional mechanical solutions for ultimate peace of mind.

The Avia Secure range includes door, window and PIR sensors, a sash window fastener and smart socket which – like the casement handle – have also achieved the government recognised BSI Internet of Things (IoT) security standard. The comprehensive range includes the Avia smart door lock too, which has passed rigorous testing to be awarded both Sold Secure SS301 Silver approval and ETSI accreditation.

Mighton’s Chairman, Mike Derham, commented: “Smart products in the home have become part of our everyday lives – many of us will not think twice about using a mobile phone or tablet to adjust the heating, lighting or to operate home entertainment systems.

“But when it comes to security, it’s a different story. Homeowners want the assurance that they are using the best technology available, which is why we have designed all our Avia devices to work seamlessly with Apple’s iOS operating system and HomeKit platform.

“But they also want the peace of mind that the security products for their windows and doors are robust enough to withstand traditional attacks and can still function properly in a worst case scenario,” he added.

“We set the standard for smart and mechanical security with the introduction of our original Avia smart door lock and we’re now delivering that same level of confidence with the Avia Secure casement handle now that it has passed PAS24 testing and achieved SBD accreditation.”

All products in Mighton’s Avia Secure range are retrofittable. The casement handle, sash fastener and window & doors sensor have been designed for ease of installation, and are all battery operated. The Avia casement handle, which is available in a range of finishes, can be retrofitted in just a matter of minutes. Easily paired to Apple devices with Bluetooth LE technology, they allow users to check, remotely and at a glance, whether windows or doors are open or shut.

The Avia secure range smart socket, which is compatible with Apple Home Automation, performs as a high-tech motion sensor. Battery powered and available with an optional mini solar panel, the motion sensor can detect potential intruders from up to 10m away, illuminating them with a powerful LED light or sounding an audible alert.

All products are available to buy now, separately or as a complete package, and unlike other smart home security systems on the market, do not require a subscription.

For full detail on Mighton’s Avia Secure range, visit: https://www.aviasmart.com/