Massive marketing opportunity for RMI supplier companies right now

Following Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s recent claim about a bustling RMI market, Jade Greenhow, Director of Operations at Insight Data alerts businesses selling of huge opportunity to market.

“If you sell into the home repair, maintenance and improvement industry, now is the time to invest in marketing.”

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“This is because UK Gov Chancellor Rishi Sunak recently claimed that a third of Brits are planning to spend savings from the stamp duty tax holiday on home improvements and renovations.”

“With that increased demand for products and services, installers, builders and builder’s merchants stand to win big. If you want to sell your services or products to them now is the time to reach out. They’ll need what your selling in order to meet increased demand.”

“Of course, any lockdowns will affect the ability of builders and installers to carry out work but expect that demand to stay until early 2021. With a third of Brits planning to spend savings on home improvements and renovations, this is a huge opportunity for product suppliers to secure work over the winter period.”

“Amongst others, it is expected that housebuilders, estate agents, tradespeople and DIY stores could all benefit from this spike in consumer spending.”

“Don’t miss your opportunity to meet demand. Double down on your marketing to reach installers, builders and builder’s merchants with Insight Data. We can help you to effectively target them with our powerful sales and marketing solutions. Insight Data also sell prospect database lists to help you effectively market your products and services.”

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