Marketing Made Simple With Adminbase Campaigns

Integrated Campaigns software from Ab Initio takes the hassle out of marketing

Installers using the market leading AdminBase business management system from Ab Initio can now take advantage of the Campaigns marketing tool, a fully integrated feature that is designed to ensure marketing activity is quicker, easier and more successful.

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Eliminating the need to rely on third party software, Campaigns enables installation companies to select the leads and customer data they wish to target directly from AdminBase.

Users can then create effective email, SMS, letter or phone marketing campaigns, which can be followed up by tele-canvassers who can then record notes or comments, pushing any new leads generated back into the AdminBase system.

“Marketing is, of course, the lifeblood to any installation company, but it can often be a time consuming and unnecessarily difficult task for those using separate marketing tools, such as Mailchimp, that rely on importing leads and data from another system first,” explained Rhonda Ridge, managing director of Ab Initio.

“As the Campaigns tool is designed to work in conjunction with AdminBase, compiling the data required for a marketing plan is not only quicker and more efficient but it’s easier to manage as well. For instance, a marketeer using Campaigns will be able to track who has clicked on emails or can resend or update data easily if required – something that is notoriously difficult to do using Mailchimp.

“As any marketing or salesperson will tell you, leads generated from existing customers are the best of all,” continued Rhonda. “AdminBase Campaigns makes it so much easier to get these.”

Developed over 12-months, in response to customer feedback requesting a more streamlined way to approach marketing using AdminBase, the Campaigns tool was introduced at the start of 2020 and is priced at £300 per month for unlimited emails.

Campaigns also works seamlessly with the latest web-based version of AdminBase, which was introduced in June 2020. Designed to ensure easier connectivity for users working remotely, it can be accessed anywhere, at any time, using a tablet, laptop or PC. The web-based version of AdminBase also features the latest Dashboard contract tracking service.

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